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In crystalline materials the spectral peaks are sharp and have well defined patterns. However in quenched slags these peaks are broad bands and must be deconvoluted. This applies to FTIR, Raman, and XPS. Therefore raw spectra were deconvoluted by applying a rigorous curve fitting method to resolve the different overlapping peaks [5]. Figure 2 shows the deconvolution process for a slag at 1550ࣙC under CO/CO2. The calculated parameters are for each peak are listed in Table II. From FTIR spectra of slag under the three gas atmospheres, the slag under CO/CO2 did not show any Q3 peak while the others did.

This study provides, for the first time, a comparative analysis of the effect of H2O in the gas on the chemistry of an ironmaking slag. Acknowledgments The authors acknowledge the financial support from American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) through a Research Service Agreement with the University of Utah under AISI’s CO2 Breakthrough Program. S. Department of Energy under Award Number DE-EE0005751. Disclaimer: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government.

Slags under H2 DQG 1*&* KDG YDOXHV RI ȥ 40+Q1)/(Q2+Q3) (a measure of depolymerization) 75 and 55 less than slags under CO/CO2 atmosphere. Therefore, it can be concluded that the higher the water content in the gas atmosphere the more polymerized the silicates in the slag. This difference in polymerization degrees plays a critical role in the distribution of elements between slag and molten iron as well as the activity coefficients of oxides in the slag. In addition, the degree of polymerization controls the physical properties of the slag such as the viscosity.

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