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Paterson. 32 composure With sweet austere composure thus replied: composure ix 272 (a) equanimity, calmness. {b) carefully ordered speech composition. with what sweet compulsion ix 4 74 Compulsion thus transported (a) obligation, persuasion. (b) drive. Cf. "transported". Ricks, p. 60. *Comus {a) the tempter of Milton's masque, whose name in Gk. means "revelry" (103). {b) Mistakenly identified by Peck, p. 12 with "Chemos, the obscene dread of Moab's sons" (i 406). A shout that tore hell's concave, concave i 542 {a) hollow, vaulted roofofHell.

Hodge (Broadbent). converse ii 184 There to converse with everlasting groans, (a) dwell with. Keightley. (b) talk by means of. Fowler. (c) talk with interruptions of. Macmillan. converse vii 9 Thou with eternal Wisdom didst converse, (a) consort, associate. Verity. (b) talk. Milton Quarterly, x (1976), 22. *(c) make verses together. Mulder. *(d) trade places (L. conversus, turned around into an opposite or contrary direction). Mulder. 36 conviction conviction x 84 Convict by flight, and rebel to all law; Conviction to the Serpent none belongs.

Attention i 618 attention held them mute. (a) desire to hear or consider. (b) soldiers, they stood at attention. Prince. attired (well-attired) Lye, 146 (a) dressed. the well-attired woodbine, (b) head-dressed (tire). Verity. VC. attribute viii 107 The swiftness of those circles attribute, (a) indicative: pay tribute. (b) imperative: assign, ascribe. audience vii 105 Haste to thy audience, (a) assembly oflisteners. (b) ambassadorial interview. Fowler. audience ix 674 (a) attention. each act won audience (b) assembly ofhearers.

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