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By Jed Z. Buchwald

New essays in technology background ranging around the whole box and similar in such a lot example to the works of Charles Gillispie, one of many field's founders.

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Полноцветный, детальный полевой определитель стрекоз Австралии.
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Мои раздачи биологических определителей, справочников, учебных пособий и монографий (и немного арктической музыки)Будьте добры, нажмите на кнопку Сказать "Спасибо"!

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14 This break involved the substitution of a geometric scientific world view (sometimes termed by Koyre´ ‘‘Platonic’’ and, more appropriately, ‘‘Archimedean’’) for the hitherto dominant Aristotelian one. The notion that the core of modern science was the formulation of a geometrical vision of the world was hardly new; it had already been articulated by Ernst Cassirer and Edwin A. 15 But perhaps never before had it been developed in such a concentrated and elegant form; in particular, never before had the core concepts of the new physics – space, motion, the structure of the universe – been so carefully articulated.

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