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In this family of hybrid machining processes, the major material removal phase is either CD or ECD. Such a machining action can be combined with the thermal assistance by local heating in case of laser-assisted electrochemical machining (ECML). In other words, the introduction of the mechanical abrasion action assists the ECD machining phase during electrochemical grinding (ECG) and electrochemical superfinishing (ECS). 8 Electrochemical and chemical machining processes. Ultrasonic-assisted electrochemical machining (USMEC) employs an USM component with ECM.

The equipment allows for flexible movement of the cutting head. The cutting action is controlled either manually or through a remote-control valve specially designed for this purpose. 5 Jet cutting nozzle. The nozzle provides a coherent water jet stream for optimum cutting of low-density, soft material that is considered 34 Chapter Two unmachinable by conventional methods. Nozzles are normally made from synthetic sapphire. About 200 h of operation are expected from a nozzle, which becomes damaged by particles of dirt and the accumulation of mineral deposits on the orifice due to erosive water hardness.

21 summarizes different parameters affecting the performance of WJM. Target material. Brittle materials will fracture, while ductile ones will cut well. 8 to 25 mm or more. 4 shows the cutting rates for different material thicknesses. 4 Applications WJM is used on metals, paper, cloth, leather, rubber, plastics, food, and ceramics. It is a versatile and cost-effective cutting process that can be used as an alternative to traditional machining methods. It completely eliminates heat-affected zones, toxic fumes, recast layers, work hardening, and thermal stresses.

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