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By Mac Lane, Birkhoff, Delorme, Lavit, Mezard, Raoult

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With respect to a Cartan subalgebra of Hs and an ordering of its roots, there will be a unique line E ⊂ (C n )∗ spanned by a vector of highest weight. The Hs -orbit F ⊂ P (C n )∗ of E is a minimal Hs -orbit in P (C n )∗ , a generalized flag variety of Hs of some dimension k ≤ n−1, endowed with the hyperplane section bundle L. (In the original case I treated, F is the projectivization of the set of perfect cubes and hence is a P 1 . ) The H-structure B provides identifications TxM ≃ C n unique up to an action of H, so there is a subbundle N ⊂ P(T ∗ M ) whose fiber Nx ⊂ P(T x∗ M ) over x corresponds to F ⊂ P (C n )∗ via any B-identification.

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