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By Robert Allen

"Allen's Dictionary of English words" is the main complete survey of this sector of the English language ever undertaken. taking on 6000 words, it explains their which means, explores their improvement and provides citations that variety from the Venerable Bede to Will Self. Crisply and wittily written, this publication is jam-packed with memorable and incredible aspect, even if displaying that 'salad days' comes from Antony and Cleopatra, that 'flavour of the month' originates in Forties American ice cream advertising and marketing, or maybe that we have now been 'calling a spade a spade' because the 16th century. "Allen's Dictionary of English words" is a part of the "Penguin Reference Library" and attracts on over 70 years of expertise in bringing trustworthy, priceless and transparent info to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world - making wisdom everybody's estate.

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Song ‘The Isle of Beauty’ by T Haynes Bayly (1797-1839). g. a 16th cent. source offers the assurance that ‘Absence works wonders’ and, more specifically, the diplomat and poet Sir Henry Wotton wrote in 1589 that ‘nothing was able to add more to [affection] than absence’. But contrary notions are also found: ‘three things there be that hinder love, that’s absence, fear, and shame’ (W Averell, Charles and Julia, 1581); and there is an implicit contradiction in out of sight, out of mind (see sight).

17th cent. John Dunton A Voyage Round the World 1691 Ben’t earth and heaven enough, that thou must go | To view the kingdoms of the world below; | Both of thy pockets and thy self take care, | For sholes of booksellers will scrape acquaintance there. See also be on nodding terms / have a nodding acquaintance with somebody at nod. acre God’s acre a churchyard: the phrase is a translation of German Gottesacker, ‘God’s field’ in which the bodies of the dead are regarded as being ‘sown’ (as in 1 Corinthians 15:36).

The prolific use of idioms by Dickens (take one’s secret to the grave, like grim death, lose one’s grip, eat one’s hat, take it into one’s head) was perhaps less of a surprise than the rich yield from Jane Austen (throw cold water on, be dying to, dog tired, done for, with one’s eyes open, act the fool) and, at an earlier date still, from Henry Fielding (kick one’s heels, draw in one’s horns, a fine kettle of fish, a likely story, leave somebody in the lurch). During the compiling of this book, I made some interesting discoveries.

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