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The strained region of space is said to contain an electric field. 4 DIELECTRIC CONSTANT AND DIELECTRIC STRENGTH The capacitance of a capacitor can be considerably increased by the insertion of a sheet of insulating material between its plates. The dielectric constant or relative permittivity of a substance is the factor by which the capacitance is increased when that substance is substituted for a vacuum between the plates. Typical insulating materials used have dielectric constants in the range from 4 to 8, although it is possible to produce synthetic ceramic materials with a value of 100 or more.

Further, they should be subjected to periodic calibration checks, since they can lose accuracy like any other meter. FURTHER READING TERMAN and PETTIT, Electronic Measurements, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1952. ) Iliffe, London, 1971. 1 The circuit of the multimeter to be constructed is shown in Fig. 6, and photographs of the front and rear of the completed instrument in Figs. 8. As shown, it is assembled in a diecast box, with an aluminium overlay marked with the switch positions. The only difficulty likely to arise is in the assembly of the switch, and this should be clear from a comparison between the circuit of Fig.

Wheatstone bridge. Let us find the condition for these two potentials to be equal, so that inserting the meter G between Β and C will produce no current from Β to C through the meter. 3) R2 In this condition, where the meter reads zero, the bridge is said to be balanced. If R3 and R^ are equal resistors, balance occurs when Rx = R2; if Rl is an unknown variable resistor, R1 may be measured by setting R2 for balance. Whatever the ratio of R3 to JR 4, the same ratio of Rt to R2 will give balance.

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