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By Zafar H. Qureshi

Supply your scholars abundant perform with their writing abilities with those supplementary workout books. degrees raise with the facility of kids starting with uncomplicated letters in remoted positions, then development to 2-3 letter phrases, and at last to basic Arabic and Islamic expressions. scholars start by means of tracing styles of letters after which are given house to jot down on their own.

This e-book is a part of the Arabic Writing I-III sequence to profit the Arabic alphabet. the 1st half indicates the alphabet. the second one half indicates how the letters mix to shape phrases. The 3rd half offers phrases in keeping with the opposite volumes. half I is suggested for first graders (5 - 6 years old); half II is for moment graders (6 - 7 years old); and half III is for fourth graders (7 - eight years old).

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