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Attention-grabbing photos and specific details. i have used it within the school room for a source for history info at the Artic. My scholars loved paging via it and realized much from it.

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36 n n-S e s d c station Blocks of color turn these plain buildings into art. Snow mobility Outside cities, cars and bikes can’t get through the snow and ice. This Inuit family solves the problem by whizzing around Nunavut on a snowmobile. Blocks on the landscape Modern apartments provide brilliant color in the bleak landscape of Anadyr, Siberia. at the S outh Pole . Catching waves The Inuit people of Savissivik, in Greenland, get their radio, television, and telephone signals through a huge, round antenna.

Mammal a warm-blooded animal that drinks its mother’s milk when it’s a baby. native used about people, animals, and plants to mean that they belong in a particular place. The Inuit are native to the Arctic. pack ice the large masses of ice that result when frozen sea ice breaks up. pancake ice the rounded chunks of ice that are formed when small floes knock into each other so their edges become rounded. plankton the mass of tiny plants and animals that float around in the sea and provide food for marine animals.

Experts needed evidence from more than one person, but they didn’t trust anyone who wasn’t white. Brave leader Robert Peary, Matthew Henson (an African American), and a mostly Inuit team started off for the North Pole from Cape Columbia in 1909. A few were sent back on the way, but those who arrived claimed an incredibly fast time of 37 days. American naval Commander Robert Peary had always dreamed of reaching the North Pole. On earlier attempts, he lost his toes to frostbite! We know it can be done!

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