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From morning to dead night, those fantastically illustrated publications invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and vegetation that inhabit the world's such a lot attention-grabbing environments.

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In the summer, his fur is not only a different color—grayish brown— it’s much finer, too. Walrus tusks, which are actually long teeth, help to define a male’s status within a group. The ones with big tusks tend to be the leaders. A Snowy owl’s big eyes are incredibly powerful— he can see well in the dark, and he can also spot prey on the ground from high in the sky. 41 11:00 pm Food can be scarce in the Arctic, so some animals eat what other animals leave behind from a kill. They also feed on the bodies of creatures that have died naturally, or even on human garbage.

There’s nothing a polar bear likes more than a delicious seal supper on sea ice. 36 In for the kill This pack of wolves is chasing a herd of hairy musk oxen at high speed. The Arctic wolf will hunt and kill more or less any creatures he can find—small ones like ptarmigan, hares, and lemmings if they’re around, or big musk oxen and caribou, if necessary. 37 9:00 pm When you go outside in the winter, you wear special shoes or boots to keep your feet warm and to stop you from slipping on ice and snow.

38 Snow toes When they walk across pack ice, polar bears leave clear tracks. These are very fresh, so the bear can’t be far away! The ptarmigan’s thick feathers reach the tips of his toes to protect him from cold. During the winter, feathers cover even the soles of his feet to enhance his grip. Hu m a n s, Even though you can’t see them, there are hundreds of tiny, wartlike bumps on the bottom a walrus fin. These help the huge creature to grip onto slippery ice floes. r pola be us e ar s’ th onl eir tra y predat ors ck , st oh un t th e m .

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