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By Julia deWolf Addison

An outline of Medieval Workmanship
In a number of of the Departments of Applied
Art, including a few Account of
Special Artisans within the Early Renaissance

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Then came . . " Sometimes embossing was done by thin sheets of metal being pressed on to a wooden carving prepared for the purpose, so that the result silver pattenij which, would pass say that a for a when sample would be a raised up with pitch or filled of repousse work. I lead, need hardly simpler mechanical form of pressing still obtains on cheap silver to-day. So much We will metals. mechanical processes of treating these now examine some of the great historic for the examples, and glance at the Uves of prominent workers in gold and silver in the past.

Benedict rings true " the If proper consecration of an artist; concerning there be artists in the monastery, let them exercise and in England. and reverence, provided have ordered them. " humbhng it and not exercise it again, himself, the abbot shall permit Craft without graft was the keynote of mediaeval art. " work turned out influences in craft work and very likel}'^ for Italian early British art. " and The quaint *' old encyclopaedia of called, The Properties silver in an original this writer's day.

1244 the In queen presented an image of the Virgin with a ruby and an emerald. Jewels were purchased from time to time, — a great cameo in 1251, and in 1255 many gems of great value. " Most and was made " keeper of the little statuettes as having stones set of the were described somewhere about them " : an image hand and the keys in the other, trampling on Nero, who had a big sapphire on his breast;" and "the Blessed Virgin with her Son, of St. Peter holding a church in one with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and garnets," are among those cited.

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