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By Henry Sakaida, Koji Takaki

B-29! No different time period struck such terror within the hearts of the japanese public in the course of global warfare 2 than this unmarried, most-hated identify. It used to be then in basic terms common that the pilots who tried to shoot those high-flying Boeing bombers out of the skies over Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kobe should still develop into referred to as the elite of the japanese military Air strength.

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Inside the emergency response center, stunned workers watched the explosion on television, not sure exactly what had blown up. 2 marCh 12, 2011: “This may gET rEaLLy ugLy . m. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission officially entered what it calls Monitoring Mode, a heightened state of readiness to respond when a nuclear incident is unfolding. It had been exactly nine hours since the earthquake tremors were first detected at Fukushima Daiichi. NRC personnel with a wide range of expertise assembled in the agency’s Operations Center, a low-ceilinged room crowded with desks and computer monitors.

The designers of boiling water reactors believed that filters were unnecessary because radioactive steam would be naturally scrubbed by water in the torus before being vented. But this filtering mechanism had never been demonstrated under real-world conditions, and some experts doubted its effectiveness. These were two more holes in an emergency plan that was turning out to be full of them. “When on-site workers referred to the severe accident manual, the answers they were looking for were simply not there,” investigators would later write.

Full-scale melting of the core would soon begin. But the official word from TEPCO was vague and outdated. , the utility issued a press release announcing the “malfunction” of the diesel generators and the resulting loss of backup power more than two hours earlier. “There have been no confirmed radioactivity impact to [the] external environment,” the English-language version of the announcement said. ” Across Japan, the scope of the natural disaster that had hit the Tohoku coast was still sinking in.

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