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By Fernando E. Vega

Bark Beetles: Biology and Ecology of local and Invasive Species offers an intensive dialogue of those economically vital pests of coniferous and broadleaf timber and their value in agriculture. it's the first ebook available in the market exclusively devoted to this significant crew of bugs, and comprises 15 chapters on common background and ecology, morphology, taxonomy and phylogenetics, evolution and variety, inhabitants dynamics, resistance, symbiotic institutions, ordinary enemies, weather switch, administration concepts, economics, and politics, with a few chapters completely dedicated to essentially the most economically very important bark beetle genera, together with Dendroctonus, Ips, Tomicus, Hypothenemus, and Scolytus.

This textual content is perfect for entomology and forestry classes, and is geared toward scientists, school participants, woodland managers, practitioners of organic regulate of insect pests, mycologists drawn to bark beetle-fungal institutions, and scholars within the disciplines of entomology, ecology, and forestry.

    • Provides the single synthesis of the literature on bark beetles
    • Features chapters solely dedicated to essentially the most economically very important bark beetle genera, comparable to Dendroctonus, Ips, Tomicus, Hypothenemus, and Scolytus
    • Includes copious colour illustrations and pictures that extra increase the content

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