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. spline() fit to the spectrum of the previous AR(2) model. 4 A periodogram for the first 200 observations from the AR(2) data without smoothing and with smoothing with the spans() function. pgram(). 6 Various smoothers applied to the NYC temperatures data as well as the acf() plot. 7 Periodic analysis of the sunspot data with smoothed periodograms.

16 There is a close positive association between female breast cancer and prostate cancer. 1 The initial fits for the mid-elevation watersheds. 2 The initial fits for the low-elevation watersheds. 3 The different watersheds averaged. 4 Using Gregory Creek as an example. The fit within a watershed and the fit between watersheds are compared (analysis on the filtered scale above, and original scale below). 1 The parallels in these graphs are, of course, striking. 2 Is the temporal pattern preserved?

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