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By Kenneth Sauer (Eds.)

This quantity comprises spectroscopic tools for the characterization of macromolecules. equipment span the electromagnetic spectrum from X-ray to microwaves. It makes a speciality of the kinds of knowledge that may be derived: how measurements are made; state-of-the-art equipment; info acquisition, research, and interpretation; casebook examples; and new advancements and destiny instructions.

Key Features
* Ultraviolet and visual Spectroscopy, including
* Absorption and round Dichroism
* temporary Absorption and Kinetics
* Linear Dichroism and Fluorescence
* Vibrational Spectroscopy
* Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
* X-Ray Spectroscopy

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A) CD and (B) absorption mixing curves at 255 and 256 nm, respectively, for mixtures of r(AGh2 and r(CUh2. Data are plotted as a function of the mole percent of r(CUh2. The mole percent of r(AG)12 is 100 minus the percentage of r(CU)12 in each mixture. Data were taken from Fig. 1, plus a mixture containing about 40 tool % of r(CUh: and an additional mixture with approximately 50 mol % of each oligomer. The break points at about 50 mol % of r(CUh2 showed that a duplex was formed. tures all lay between those of the individual strands in this region of the spectrum (Fig.

Biol. 13, 65 (1965). [3] ABSORPTION AND CD OF NUCLEIC ACIDS TABLE I MOLAR EXTINCTIONCOEFFICIENTSOF NUCLEOTIDESAND DINUCLEOSIDE PHOSPHATESTM e (260), M- i cm-1 Phosphates Monomer Ap Cp Gp Up (dT) Dimer ApA ApC ApG ApU (APT) CpA CpC CpG CpU (CpT) GpA GpC GpG GpU (GpT) UpA (TpA) UpC (TpC) UpG (TpG) UpU (TpT) RNA DNA 15,340 7,600 12,160 10,210 15,340 7,600 12,160 8,700 13,650 10,670 12,790 12,140 10,670 7,520 9,390 8,370 12,920 9,190 11,430 10,960 12,520 8,900 10,400 10,110 13,650 10,670 12,790 11,420 10,670 7,520 9,390 7,660 12,920 9,190 11,430 10,220 11,780 8,150 9,700 8,610 a At 260 nm.

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